Fresh Pressed Juices


In the past twelve months we have seen a massive boom in fresh pressed juices at events and it’s no wonder why when you take into account the colourful and healthy atmosphere it adds to any event, big or small.  As I remember it, juice came as little cartons of concentrate but as much as I loved it then my tastes have changed. OK maybe there was the occasional fresh juice from the local cafe but pressed juice was really not the trending thing it is today. Now days it seems there are juice bars on every corner.

This week we wanted to look into what the benefits are for having a fresh pressed juice bar and how it can add flair and fun to your event.  To get started you have the obvious benefits of having a healthier option for your guests. In a day and age where everyone seems to be on some kind of a health kick what better way to encourage this than supplying your guests with something more than the usual store bought juice. Whilst coffee is a must for any event or function after your second or third it’s nice to have something else on offer to quench the thirst and some fresh pressed fruits are defiantly going to fit the bill.

Another great aspect about using fresh seasonal fruit is how easy it is to relay a brands theme using the colours and/or flavours. Just in the past month we have been running an ongoing event for a company with a green and red logo so we designed with the event organiser to have 2 juices available daily on tap that represented the companies brand. For one of the ‘red’ options we had a watermelon and strawberry juice and for one of the ‘green’ options we had pear, mint and apple juice. Not only were the guests pleased to have tasty fresh nectars ready for their morning arrival, but also the themed juices incorporating the company colours made it fun.  We are lucky enough to have access to so many fresh seasonal fruits, that it’s easy to create changing menus for our client’s briefs.

Our team here at Level Eighteen get in early so we can cut and press the freshest season fruit so that we are able to serve anywhere between 50 to 500 people in an a arrival, morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea session. We then dress our bars with a colourful display of the fruits used in the juices and finish them off with menu boards drawn in chalk ready for your guests.

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