Bringing the Beans


The last, and probably the most important, piece of the beverage event experience is the coffee beans. Thankfully for us, we have some of the best roasters in the country on our team. Without the people that produce and develop these specific strains of coffee we use, we wouldn’t be known for having some of the best coffee experiences on the planet.

We like to partner with roasters who have much desire and appreciation for the complexity of creating premium coffee, from bean to cup. One of our primary suppliers has been growing coffee beans for 110 years in Colombia, and has some great relationships with local farms. This means we always have exciting new stock from El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia.

We also like to work with other bean bros who can produce our own special blend that yields a beautiful espresso or long black and yet still holds up to your milk class of drinks. The blend we have developed is three beans all ethically grown and sourced, two from Ethiopia and one from Guatemala. This blend has the all the beautiful sweetness and acidity that you would expect from a quality coffee roaster.

Some other trends on the rise are specifically tested roasts in a range of blended, filter and cold-drip coffees. Filter methods, such as the pour over, are having a popular resurgence and are very effective at highlighting the complexities of a single origin, (one country) or estate (one farm). More likened to tea, filter coffee doesn’t have the heavy body viscosity that espresso is known for. It’s realising a new market, where it’s not all about the hit, but a clearer, subtler representation of the flavors you may not naturally expect from coffee.

We have an aim to bring back this style of coffee to the event market, where smaller, more unique events could see this as a cost effective solution. This could be packaged with an educational session from our roasters as part of your monthly office meeting or a fresh idea for your product launch.

Now that we’ve explained the aspects of what makes for a perfect coffee catering experience, keep an eye out for our team, beans and machines at our next event or make an enquiry today.

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