Keeping your event on time

I’m staring out over a huge room full of stalls, with a few of its exhibiters still waiting for the morning tea, apart from them the room is empty of people. Morning tea is supposed to start at 10.00am but its already running late, I know soon the questions and discussions will finish and the room will be filled with another thousand bodies. At which point this space will come to life with all those people, all with a common goal “get caffeine in my body…now!” Sure, they are keen to get amongst the stalls as well but first things first right? Suddenly the doors open, the presentation is over but its 10.15am. So we’re already running fifteen minutes late.


 The machine gets swamped, quality coffees are made as quick as the orders are coming in.  With milk frothing and shots dropping there is the sound of the machine matching the rhythm of shuffling feet as the guests take their brew’s and head out into the now buzzing room.  As we reach the intended finish time of morning tea the room is in full swing. Finally our line grows smaller, we make up the last orders for a couple of die-hards on their second cup when I hear the noise.

Its ring is almost magical, like hearing the voice of an old friend. As I look up the crowd parts. A golden bell, no more than 20cm and its parting this sea of people like a biblical tale. The woman wielding the bell walks through the already reducing crowd, lightly tapping the elbows of guests who try to linger. Amazed at the power it yields in herding the masses I make up the last few coffees. People move back into the room where the speakers are and the time is 10.35. Impressed by the time we've made up, I wonder whether it was down to the pronto coffee service or the power of the bell, or both.


Keeping an event running on time can be difficult but there are always steps you can take to maximize punctuality. Making sure everyone is aware on the run-sheet of the day is an obvious one; getting yourself a bell is another. But probably the best thing you can do is making sure the hired staff you are using professional enough and, more importantly, skilled enough to keep up with challenging time schedules in the impromptu world on events.


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