No Lock-Out Laws Between Your Own Walls - Host Your Own Event

Sydney siders have grown themselves into a good bunch of little entertainer’s right? To be honest, we're not surprised. Did you know that the first crops to be grown by English settlers in the 1700’s were apples, pears and grape vines? I mean come on, those guys must have had a vision for this place and I think up until recently we as a city were following quite well in step. We had a vibrant nightlife of hotels, clubs, bars and pubs and though they brought in a lot of tourism I would say that wasn't their sole purpose. We had one of the best nights out in the country because WE like to unwind, we like to blow off steam, basically we like to party and we’re pretty damn good at it as well.


Like most metropolitan areas there's going to be some rough edges but even with this turbulence you have to admit that the Sydney entertainment scene has a certain level of sophistication to it, probably because we've been refining it over the years of practice to a beautiful point of balance. We have the sunlit shores of Watson’s Bay providing an elegant array of day/night life, we have the dark corners of Kings Cross night clubs and every local pub and RSL that comes in-between. Providing liquid entertainment for our broad spectrum of community is an impressive feat. 


Enter the lock-out laws and things started to get a little hairy. Ten’s of thousands of people took to the streets protesting against these laws by marching from Central Station over to Pyrmont, Barangaroo and back again. Let’s not hold back our voice on the topic, but this whole fiasco has left its mark on the CBD area, leaving William and Oxford streets noticeably quieter.
Are we really going to let this thing stop the evolution of how we choose to cut sick or hold our elegant soiree to ransom? Of course not, we have a reputation to uphold and drinks to sip!  While some may say Sydney is closing there’s one place that lockout laws certainly do not apply. That place my friends, is in your own home.


Private events are the perfect way to keep our evolution of revelry moving forward and could be the answer to keeping Sydney open. Imagine having fully trained bar and cocktail servers in your own home or chosen event space. Ones who can take the stress out of having a party by bringing all the beverages, bars and everything they need to provide quality drinks to your guests. Something that’s been evolving over the years in L.A due to their own version ofan 'after hours' scene. Incorporating the themes of your favourite bars or clubs by way of uniform and drink lists makes a unique experience for you and your guests.

Basically just bringing the bars to you. If the powers that be don’t want to encourage the way of life Sydney folk love then we’ll just have to make it happen ourselves right?


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