Coffee Yarns: Jim Richie & His Soy Mocha Story

There was once a farmer called Jim Richie who lived in a small town by the name of Hay, during the drought he worked a couple days a week in the petrol station just out of town on the freeway. There they sold a small array of food and drink as well, chiko rolls, energy drinks and that sort of thing but they also had a dusty old coffee machine. No one had ever back washed it, nor scrubbed the group heads clean but never the less it was a machine that dropped shots of coffee and frothed milk. One hot, dry day when Jim was working a very posh looking BMW X5 pulled up and out popped a man who’s look puzzled Jim, he wore polished boots, free from dirt or scuff and although he had a beard it was trimmed in an immaculate way. The man filled up the tank and walked in to pay, seeing the dusty machine in the corner he asked Jim, “can I also get a soy milk, half strength mocha ”, Jim was stunned but being the calm shop keep he was he calmly replied “Sure mate”. The man looked pleased, then Jim continued with “alls you gotta do is drive 100Km’s back the way you came from and nic off back to Wagga”.  The man opened his mouth as if too say something but thinking better of it he paid for his petrol and rushed back to his car.


A couple of years later when the rains broke Jim was able to give up the petrol station job. Eventually when the farm was doing better he headed down to Sydney for the annual farming and tractor expo. Though it had been a few years since he’d been able to make the journey down it had always been a favorite event on his annual calendar. He walked through the stalls, checking out all the new irrigation systems, the tractors and everything in-between before he came to a stall with a stunningly polished chrome coffee machine. The front read ‘Elektra’ and behind the machine stood a couple of young, sharply dressed fellows with wide smiles.

“Hello Mr. Richie” said one of the Baristas, reading his nametag “Would you like a coffee?”

“Mr. Richie was my father” said Jim “and yea go on then” “what would you like?” replied the barista.

“A bloody coffee mate, like you offered” Jim said in a jovial yet stern tone.

The two baristas shared a look, followed by a grin then got to work. Steam wands whistled while the grinder growled and forty-five seconds later Jim was holding a cup in his hand. He took a sip as he walked away into the crowd but had to stop at the taste of what he was drinking. Jim had never had a coffee like this before, and he liked it. He spun around and asked “what do ya call this then?”. “Soy mocha, sir” they replied. Needless to say Jim seems to find more and more reasons to drive to Wagga these days.

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