Try our cafe quality Elektra machines and Mazzer grinders for your next product launch

What good is great service if the power and tools of the trade aren’t purpose made for quality, efficiency and most of all, looks?

For most of us, the design and looks are as important as what happens on the inside. Some of you may not care about what happens on in the inside, you may just want your equipment to look good. When you want both, we prefer to use Elektra 2 Group’s and Mazzer Grinders.

Our combination of Elektra Machines and Mazzer Grinders are a mighty mix of style and functionality that will not only have your Espresso or Coffee Catering event looking and feeling like your local Café should but will keep the baristas stocked with fresh ground coffee on demand

The large cast aluminium raised logo across the front of the machines announces the manufacturer's name, with the "K" forming the silhouette of an eagle spreading its wings in flight. This on top of the polished Chrome or all black bodywork really sets the machine off as a centrepiece for your event bar

We prefer to use 2 group machines so that our staff can multi task whilst pumping out the complete menu of orders no matter how large or diverse your event may be. By using 2 group machines we ensure that we can work in all event spaces as they run with 15amp power requirement, this can also be adjusted so that we can also work off normal household power points after a little tinkering on the internals to ensure the machine runs at a 30% reduction in power.

Long lines are a thing of the past. Our experienced baristas can pump out between 80 – 100 caffeinated (or de-caffeinated) beverages if they are fixed on the machine alone or if they are partnered up they can serve 180+ in a 30-minute service period.

Ask your local barista if they can match the output. Actually don’t, they are a proud bunch and you may offend ;)

We choose to only work with the best partners, in people, in equipment and in our beans.

If your objective is to extend your market leading services to your partners and clients, then imagine what it looks like when you align your self with the best in coffee and beverage catering.

Imagine an event like that.

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