It all starts with service

If you’re like most of the modern world, its highly likely you cant get through the day with out a dose of delightful caffeine.

Ok, so we are clearly speaking on behalf of the 7,386,725,338 people that inhabit the earth at time of writing this, but seriously who doesn’t drink coffee?


Well, apart from children and people with sensitivity to caffeine, the addiction is real. It’s a ritual that we are not about to give up and why would we. Can you imagine heading into that meeting first thing on Monday morning without the confidence of a cup to clear the fog and gain the clarity we all know so well?

For some it’s just about the hit, but for others it’s much, much more than that.

With fierce competition opening up on almost every corner in Sydney, café’s need to differentiate. The best location with the most foot traffic just wont cut it anymore. In fact, ask most coffee culturists and they will admit to travelling across town just to get their brew that they are used to.

It all starts with service. Without that friendly barista, who acknowledges you EVEN though he or she is a dozen deep in a cloud of chocolate pow pow, no one will even get to taste the aromatic, free trade, organic, Columbian crusade blend you’ve travelled half way around the world to bring back to the masses.

Service isn’t a Nespresso called George Clooney.

A great barista isn’t always a bearded hipster that looks like he or (infinite spirit forbids) she needs a wash. A great barista, remembers your name, a great barista also remembers what ever weird or wonderful liquid delicacies you have. Even your routine morning arrival is so well rehearsed, preparing your order so at the time you reach the pos, you’re cup of goodness is not too far off.

A great operator understands the needs of their customers. Primarily surrounding acknowledgment, timing and accuracy. Our average day is no longer average and we are moving with more pace than every before.

What special or superb little things does your Barista do that you love?

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